Monday, July 16, 2007

more pics :)

These are some pictures to entice all of you fun people (yes, that means YOU!) to come to camp!

(Sorry I haven't had an actual post that involves multiple sentences. Time here at camp is limited. VERY limited. But hopefully you guys will enjoy the pictures!!)

Here are my campers from Junior week. I was sick when they took the picture so Kristie Phelps (at least she had the same name as me) kindly took the pictures with my campers. Oh, and those 3 goons in the back are Jackie (girls director), Brian (boys director), and Justin (assistant director) who decided to pose in every single picture :D

Our view:

Our dock: (and that's the nautique in the background!)

Here are fun pictures from our Todd Rooster skit. Joel is playing the part of Jesus, who is going on a road trip with AJ (aka Todd Rooster)

Bekah being a deer in the Todd Rooster skit.

lol, this is me frowning at my cabin's inability to form a straight line. :)
Chipmunks swarm all over camp. I love it :) One was smelling a staff's toes the other day :D

Here's a few of the road signs I was working on during camp meeting :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

more teen pics

shavonda being a tree!

kristin being a stoplight

the kids think we're sisters

ingrid and I.

brian... enough said.

Yay boat driver bekah!

I love the fact that we recruited brian to camp cherokee :D

our lovely sign for our 'one big fat honkin' roadtrip' teen party.

Monday, July 09, 2007

These are my girls from Teen Camp. And that's Bekah right next to me. She is the best co-cow ever! This week (junior/tween week) there are so many girls that Bekah and I are both counseling our own cabins. 'tis sad without Bekah. :(