Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glacier National Park, Part 1

After an epic 24 hour drive from Loma Linda to Montana, we camped just an hour or so outside of Glacier National Park on National Forest Land.  We really appreciated Montana's emphasis on the outdoors - all the National Forest Land access roads were well designated with clear signs.  The next morning we pulled into Glacier, greeted by dark skies and imminent rain.  We set up our tent and went for a hike anyway.  With just two days to explore one of the most beautiful parks in America, we weren't going to lose any time!

The trails were lined with beautiful periwinkle and red wildflowers.  The brightness of the colors was almost unbelievable!  The grey skies only increased their beauty.

We hiked up to one of Glacier's famous rock Chalet's (sorry, no pictures.  I tend to avoid human-made objects when I'm photographing landscapes!)  Unfortunately, the longer route we had wanted to take (along those steep, snow covered slopes behind us) was closed due to the high snow levels.  Instead, we headed back to our cozy tent and went to bed early :)

By the time we were almost back to the car, the skies had mostly cleared and blue sky shone through.

The incredible, iconic view of Glacier's impressive peaks.  (I noticed upon leaving Glacier that our road map has this same view on it's cover.)  Scroll right to see the entire panorama.