Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The last of the summer pictures!

The last of the summer pics (at Alex's and Joel's insistence)

Boat driver Christy :DSunrise over Saranac Lake

Wake-boarder Christy (sometimes)

Kristin and I
My Dad's amazing water-skiing skills

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cascade, Porter, and Giant (Day Off Hike #3) [8 of 46]

View from Cascade

The last 2 day offers left on top of Cascade (no, andrew doesn't usually have a fro, and yes, it was windy)
Summit of Porter

Random keys and shoe at Giant Mtn trailhead
Chipmunk who decided that my log was the scrait place to be
In remembrance of The Wolf/Agent Bumper Tree
It took a while to get a picture of this little shrew that Andrew saw on the edge of the trail. He was only about an inch long.

Our little summit friend :)
We didn't feel like asking anyone to take a picture, so here's our self-portrait :

Esther and Whiteface (Day Off Hike #2) [5 of 46]

At the old ski lodge ready to head up
A dog house along the trail? A nasty spot to sleep? Nope! A picture op!

Agent Mudslinger, Agent Caboose, and Agent Bumper Tree (haha)
of the LEGS agency (Agent Pacemaker on the right)
Picture Break!

Views from Whiteface:Horseshoe lake from Whiteface
At the summit!

Algonquin, Iroquois, and Wright Peaks (Day Off Hike #1) [3 of 46]

Ready to go! (photo's courtesy of Andrew Whitlow and Kristin Thomas)

The back-seaters!

3 mile hike in.... in the dark :D

Pondering over Joel's EUREKA! tent

The view from Marcy Dam
Pausing for a picture on the trail (really just an excuse to rest for a minute!)

View from Algonquin
We came up with fun nick-names for all of us. I was first mate. I believe Kristin is going to post a more detailed account on her blog.
At the top of Algonquin, the 2nd highest peak in NY!

View from Iroquois (i think)
Atop of Iroquois

....alas, Andrew didn't bring his camera up Wright so we didn't get pictures.