Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've kept my wedding planning and brainstorming pretty much off my blog for several reasons. One, I'm not quite ready to admit to all my friends how girly I really am. Blogging about all my wedding stuff would be just a bit much for my tomboy tendencies. But secondly, I just wasn't ready to share it all with the world. However, there happens to be a world of wedding blogs out there that are SUPER cool, especially if you find ones that have authors who have a similar sense of style as yourself. All it took was for me to find one wedding blogger (www.augandeverythingafter.blogspot.com) whose style and taste I really liked and a world of new ideas and thoughts opened up. From her blog, I found several other weddings that I really liked. And now, 11 days before my own wedding, I'm ready to share :)

Wedding #1: Evan and Cori

Wedding #2: Brooke and Garrison

Wedding #3: Paul and Katie