Monday, September 10, 2007

*Alaska's Atrocities!

A great tragedy has taken place in the lives of some of those dearest to me. My former suite-mate, Kristin Thomas, has moved to the bitter wilds of the Alaskan tundra. For some reason, she thought the scenery would be better on the other side of the United States. How silly. More commonly known as "Red Bud I", the region our dear friend has moved to will prevent her from blessing us with her presence on a regular and frequent basis. You see, it is so far removed from the beaten path that it takes a long sleigh ride followed by several hours of dog-sledding and snow-shoeing in order to get to her far-removed igloo. We have attempted one or two trips to visit her and bring her firewood, hot soup, fur parka's, and such but the snow drifts have just been atrocious lately. I believe they've been having quite frequent blizzards up in that altitude as of late. ...It's a sad tale indeed.


Love your former suite-mate, Christy

*The credit for the location (Alaska) of Kristin's new home goes to the genius mind of Ivan G. Marsh.