Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hey guys, some of you might have already read this because it was published in the SAU Accent but I came across it today and I kinda just got reminded (by my own words) to take a step back and evaluate my life based on what really counts. Anyway, just thought I'd post it for you guys too :)

A linkett-size piece of brain food

We live in a crazy world. Just look around you, you are probably standing in line at the cafeteria or rushing off to class. You think you are utilizing your time by not just standing in line or just walking to class. You’re reading the school newspaper while doing those other things and therefore you are making good use of your time. You probably at first just skimmed over the paper, looking to see if it was really worth your time. You make small talk with the person next to you, comparing your busy schedules. After you scarf down lunch, you sprint off to class to learn more about psychology theorists, the string theory, logarithmic equations, or _________ (←insert your own topic here). We always try to use our time wisely and pack as much as possible into our days. Fast food restaurants offer a quick bite to eat; express checkout lanes offer (sometimes) a speedy exit. Driving in the fast lane cuts off a few seconds to travel time, and the internet is getting faster and faster so that hasty customers don’t have to waste precious milliseconds waiting for a page to load. It’s a high-speed world we live in, with hardly an extra minute to stop and take a breath. Once in a while I try to spare a minute to sit back in my *cough* comfy *cough* dorm chair and chew over the linkette sized piece of brain food that this proves to be. I cannot fathom that God meant for us to scramble around like ants attacking a choice crumb under a table in the cafĂ©. We fill our days with so many ‘important’ activities, and in all seriousness, I’m sure very few of them would be considered “bad”. But it seems as if we are falling in the very pit that Satan planned for us to plunge into. Disguise of the truth doesn’t always work (We saw that in the Reformation) and Satan’s lies have been uncovered time after time. So he reverted to the one thing he knew would ensnare even the most astute of God’s warriors, time. Satan is hour-by-hour and day-by-day stealing this precious gift that God gave us. We may not be doing abhorrent and vulgar activities, but we’re not doing what God would want us to do: spending time with Him and telling other’s about our Best Friend. If the enemy can take our energy and fill our days by giving us ‘good’, respectable, (and time consuming) activities, than he has our life right where he wants it, in his repulsive clutch. I ask that you take a moment and seriously think about who has your time. Because what you spend time on is what is most important to you.


Alex said...

Very well put. This remeinds me of an article in the AFM magazine a few years ago outlining the effects of America's culture overseas where especially our movies and music have a very powerful effect on people (as they do here too I believe... among other things).

Have you read the book Escape to God? If not you could read it in all the spare time you must have due to today's timesaving inventions.

CJK said...

Hey Alex, I read most of Escape to God when I was home for christmas. It's amazing what God can do when people choose to obey His leading.

And it almost seems that the world just creates more and more things to fill up the free time it creates with all it's new inventions. Sad huh.

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