Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Guaranteed Christy-fied Baking Experience

Yesterday I made Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal cookies and I was going to post a picture of my delectable creations. However, before I could find our ever-illusive camera, my family (i.e. my brother) finished off the last of my Cinnamon Apple Delights! But I remembered the recipe (well, rather the process) so I decided to post it for any of you adventurous culinary artists out there who need some holiday baking inspiration!

  • First, have your dearest mother buy a bag of Cinnamon Chips from Wally World in hopes that her children will make some cookies.
  • Second, have your most beloved sibling reject your ultra-cool idea of Cinnamon Blueberry cookies. (I thought it was a perfectly logical idea! I mean, if cinnamon goes well in blueberry pies and blueberry crumbles, then why not make Cinnamon Blueberry cookies!?!)
  • Thirdly, be inspired by the applesauce simmering on the stove.
  • Fifth, exclaim with great enthusiasm and zeal, "I know! I'll bake Cinnamon APPLE Oatmeal cookies!!!!!!!" (Don't forget to add the seven exclamation points at end.)
  • Sixth, rummage up a mixing bowl and the needed utensils and add liberal doses of the indicated ingredients. (Feel free to use whole wheat flour instead of the nutrient-starved white flour or applesauce instead of eggs.) Don't worry about amounts--measuring is over-rated.
  • Seventh, look in the cupboards and add any other spices, seasonings, or yummy-looking ingredients that you find. (Don't forget to look in the freezer! That's where I found the frozen apple juice concentrate!) Mix thoroughly.
  • Eighth, steal an apple that your mother is trying to wash and chop half of it into small bits. Add to batter. (Use the other half of the apple to calm your borborygmus stomach).

  • Ninth, taste it! And be careful when letting your family taste it, they might take more then you expected!
  • Tenth, plop the batter into small roundlets on your cookie sheet and bake at 350°. It's ok to run upstairs while they're baking and read blogs but make sure to listen for when your mom calls you to tell you that the cookies are getting black.

  • Eleventh, don’t burn your tongue while you carefully nibble at the steaming cookies because you can't wait until they've cooled down to try out your new creation!

  • Twelth, for a ‘more excellent way’ (1 Corinthians 12:31) dip cookies in honeyed peanut butter or add a fluff of whipped cream to the top!



Kristin said...

Oh my :) Somehow after reading this I think that baking at the Kurtz house is a little more exciting than baking at the Thomas residence... I had fun imagining the process :P
Meanwhile, cinnamon blueberry cookies could be an adventure. Perhaps you should try sometime. It sounds better than peanut butter mint chocolate chip cookies anyway ;)

Joel said...

Christy, you do seem to have an affinity for curious types of chips, cinnamon, mint, etc. I must say though, that these cookies were thoroughly edible. You can keep practicing your cookie-making skills anytime!

Paul said...

Your process seems entertaining, but I wish I'd been there to sample the result.

Caitlin said...

aw... I miss cooking with you guys... just last night Daddy got this hairbrained idea to make an irish potatoe pie... it was quite the process, and were going to tast it tonight... It does smell really good - more like coconut then potatoes...I post the results later :)
but it reminded me of all our fun baking adventures! each with a unique *surprise*!!!

... thoroughly edible! ha, Joel I can't think of many things you wouldn't consider throroughly edible ;)

I love you Christy Joy!!!!!!!

Brian said...

In light of the fact that there is no picture to present to our senses, I think that you are obliged to make some again.

I can almost smell them through the computer by the way!

Kelsey said...

hehe Christy.. sounds fun. The word "borborygmous" brings back fond memories.... ahhh..

Christy said...

Brian: well, maybe if you come back to camp we can bake them some night :D :D

Johonn said...

Sounds very edible, indeed! :) You forgot one important thing, though. When exclaiming with great enthusiasm and zeal, don't forget to do it in ALL CAPS!, because we all know that Christy often speaks in ALL CAPS!, according to Ahn. :D

Christy said...

Good point, Jonathan. I should have included that MAJOR detail :D :D

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