Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love, Your Heavenly Father

It's amazing how many truths you hear over and over and let pass mindlessly by your ears.


Seek Me before you seek My will.

Your Heavenly Father

But it is not until certain situations and experiences come into your life that you truly understand the worth of what was once a cliche'.


4 Hind's Feet said...

your blog reminds me of the song original cliche by andy gullahorn

Amber Hill said...

Christy, I really needed to hear this! So often, I seek God's will when I am so far from knowing Him. And then I wonder why I am so lost and can't figure out what He wants me to do. Go figure.

Thanks for sharing.

Jonas said...

Cello Lessons:

Don't Worry about normal registration. Talk to Mrs. B. in the music building... she knows everything.

phoebs said...

Thanks so much for that message, girl! Very profound. God bless you at SAU this next year! Keep my sister out of trouble for me. :D Keep us in your prayers. You all will be in mine!

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