Sunday, October 19, 2008

you and your suitcase

i felt sorry for you then
an awkward sorry
you and your suitcase
too big for the time

it was old
as you rumbled down that path
dusted with fallen leaves
and my unvoiced pity

i wanted to protect you
but you weren't worried
you had bigger thoughts
than to be embarrassed
by that old suitcase

i thought i had learned
from you and your suitcase
to respectfully ignore
the standards of those around

i tried to push it away
but there it sat, nagging

and so here i write
5 years later
about you and your suitcase

...a memory


Jen said...

awesome poem christy! say, have you considered becoming a nurse?

EEK said...

I like it... memories seem to be the most profitable employees, don't they?

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