Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Purple Confession

I have a confession to make:

I like purple...

Not just any purple... DARK purples

I haven't liked purple in a long time. My dear friend Caitlin's favorite color is periwinkle... I never liked it. (sorry caitlin!) But, I must admit, I am coming to see the purple light.

Isn't it nice that we can change our minds? I think so :)


Alex said...

I must confess I like purple as well - harmful as it may be I find purple loosestrife quite pleasing to the eyes... and a field of alfalfa that is a week or two past due for harvesting is pleasing to both the eyes and the nose.

Jackie said...

mm I like purple should talk to Bekah about the whole "changing your mind" since she is bitter at me for liking onions now lol.

barry said...

Most colors are beautiful in nature. However I am currently in a state of considered disinterest over the relative merits of the particular chromatic variation referred to in your post.

Burgandy used to my favorite color. Now, like everybody else, I like blue and green. Perhaps I should acquire some colorful originality.

Caitlin said...

To quote a favorite book:

"Time is purple
just before night
When most people
Turn on the light -
But if you don't it's
A beautiful sight.


But the purple sound
Is the loveliest thing
It's a violet opening
In the spring.

Allana said...

ok you did say that you liked DARK purples but you didn't specifically condemn violet! And the fact is that we're both right on the periwinkle issue...I looked it up on wikipedia and its in the blue-violet family. (but blue is referred to first) Despite all this I think we agree. Violet is not high on my list of favored colors either.

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