Sunday, July 19, 2009

Now I Am Filled

I am lonely.

I am surrounded by people, yet I am lonely.

Sometimes I enjoy being lonely. It is a deep, penetrating emotion. It curls around your soul and its heaviness gives you solidity.

Additional human contact is not always the solution for loneliness. Sometimes solitude can be the answer. Other times, it is a certain type of interaction that is needed; one that goes so much deeper than the surface level.

"Emotion recollected in tranquility" I love times like that, like this. I love moments when emotion, intellect, body, and time all meet. I love spending these moments on my rock by the lake. The immense star-lit sky overhead, a loon calling across the lake; my God next to me, behind me, in front of me, over me, under me, and all around me.

"All day long, I have been with Jesus
And it has been a wonderful day
I have climbed just one step higher
In that good, old gospel way
I have spoken words of kindness
And Lord You know if I've done wrong
I will go and make it right
So I can testify tonight
I've been with Jesus all day long"

I started out lonely. Now I am filled.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christy Joy, When you were a baby your Dad loved the "Christyl"* part of your name ( I wanted them to spell it Kristy because then your initials would be KJK and I thought that would be so cute- I've always been very conscious of initials since mine were BM and I loved it when marriage changed my initials.!) Your Mother loved the "Joy" part of your name. So I"ve always called you both names --Christy Joy" But now, I think I'll call you Christy from now on!

the JOY part---Jesus first, Other next and Yourself last--the JOY part of your name is so obvious that ANYONE --regardless of age can identify that part of your being. So Christy , You and Christ already have a head start on eternity! The y at the end of your name stands for YOU.


onekeenager otherwise known as Christy's Grammie

Caitlin said...


Christy Joy said...

Grammy! I'm so glad you got the comments working on your computer! I love getting your comments! You can post as many of them as you want!

I like it when you call me by both my first and middle names - so few people do these days. I've been thinking about going back to telling people that my name is "Christy Joy" instead of just "Christy". I like BOTH of my names, so why not use them! :)

Thank you so much for that neat word-play on my name :) I hope that Jesus is always displayed first and foremost in my life.

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