Monday, November 30, 2009


...a small, transportable roof over your head.
What a silly idea.
Even sillier when, all of the sudden, everyone has one. Just because of a decreased barometric pressure.
What must the aliens think.
Why does it look normal on a cloudy day and absolutely ridiculous all the rest of the time?
I think it looks ridiculous even on rainy days.
I boycott umbrellas.
Except... I must admit that they do a much better job than my wonderful raincoat if the downpour is truly torrential. That's my only exception.
But today wasn't torrential. The clouds were only spitting.
Otherwise, I'd be eating my words and singing their praises.
As I go in completely soaked to Orchestra.
But regardless, I still don't use them.

It's a rainy day! Buy a raincoat!


Christen said...

Lol. You're so funny. I admit that I often find myself carrying an umbrella even when it's not raining because it looks like it is, and then everyone I see isn't using one, so I have to reach out and see if it truly isn't raining. But I like the usefulness of umbrellas. I don't like being soaked, and if rain even touches my hair, an afro is sure to develop in a short amount of time. Thus is my argument for umbrellas. Raincoats just don't do the whole job.

barry said...

There's something satisfying about arriving somewhere completely wet, bedraggled, and gleefully careless for the wet which others abhore with such tenderfoot terror

Ali said...

Christy, it seems we are of the same mindset. I wrote a blog post yesterday and only just found out that it was on the exact same topic as this one you wrote. We even titled the posts the exact same. Apparently we share the same views as well...

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