Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Commercialism

I've been guilty of setting my sights on the best that's out there instead of honing in on my skills with the equipment that I have. It took me a while and unfortunately a lot of money to realize that the amount of equipment that I owned didn't necessarily breed killer images. Does it help? Sure. But I'm convinced now that often times the tools you have at your fingertips might be enough and might even be amazing.
                - Carl Zoch Photography 

Oh how this describes me.  I don't need a new camera; I need to use the one I've got.  I don't need new clothes, new gadgets, new anything; I need to appreciate and utilize what I have.

Dear Commercialism,

I detest you.  I detest how I get caught up in your web and think that the newest and the shiniest is the best and only thing for me.  I despise how you complicate my life, clutter my desk and my closet, and make me forget about the important things in life.  This quest for stuff, this need for things - it drives me up the wall.  But so often, I am the most guilty of all.  I banish you from my life.  I may have to banish you again tonight and again tomorrow but I commit to ridding my life of your filth from here on out.  

Your OLD friend,


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He is from Oklahoma!

Alice Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Christy! I'm definitely caught in that web. You've inspired me to simplify (yet again!). May God help you in your endeavours!

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