Saturday, April 17, 2010

Learning to Linger

Speed reading is great for theoretical nursing textbooks and other senior college classes.  You get done fast and you get the gist of the content, which is usually all you need for the quiz that starts in 2 minutes.  But speed reading doesn't work so well when it becomes such a habit that you do it all the time.

Lately, I've found myself speed reading through spiritual books, speed reading through my worships, speed reading through things that are thought-provoking and deep.  I don't linger long enough to even let the words sink in.  I know I should slow down and really take it in, but I can't ever seem to.  As a result, I digest little of what I read.  I don't let the thoughts marinate long enough to apply them to my life.  Godly, life-changing principles speed in one ear and out the other.

Do you realize how dangerous this is?  I'm being faced with real, powerful truth, and I don't even take it in.  My senses become dulled to the power of God's Word.  I put my time in, then rush off to the next item on the checklist.  When will I learn to slow down?  And this time the slowing down means more then just my health, more then anything else in the world.  It means my salvation.


Donovan said...

You mean my slow reading is good in some ways? :)

I'm glad you are thinking about this. It is a profound insight. One worthy of prayer.

Christen said...

Ahh...conditioning. That's certainly a matter for prayer.

Man, if I were to speed read through my stuff, I wouldn't do well on quizzes at all. I can't possibly memorize all those names otherwise...I guess it depends on the material.

Caitlin said...

Interesting Christen! I know that I also have the tendency to feel rushed and speed read. But I have found that I am very rarely blessed by this method - most especially in regards to spiritual things!

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