Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jumping in Lake Placid

Today Barry and I took some time off from camp and went to a large horse show that comes to Lake Placid every summer.  I've never been to a horse show before but I've read lots about them and it was awesome to get to see one in person.  Here's a few shots I took :)

I messed up on a few and cut off the rider's heads, but later, upon editing, I thought it looked cool so... :)


Aunt Lyn said...

Beauty. strength, and energy, absolutely beautiful!
So glad you could go : ) .

Elwyn Garaza said...

Great shots, Christy! It must've been wonderful to be around such grace and strength. Thanks for sharing the experience!

Jonas said...

When I saw the title of this blog, I imagined a post about you and barry splashing about in lake placid. Ah my surprise!

Awesome pictures!

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