Friday, September 10, 2010

What did you think the first time you knew that Barry was interested in you?

I thought: OH MY GOODNESS!! what in the world!!!! NO WAY... This can't be happening to me! BARRY HOWE!????????? This must be some kind of a mix up. He must like someone else. Who else could he like?? There is NO way on earth that BARRY HOWE would like someone like me!

Those were my initial thoughts. Then, when it finally had time to sink in, (actually, I'm STILL not sure if it has sunk in!) I began to think: hmmm... Barry Howe... You know, he's a really, really, REALLY incredible guy and I respect him a lot. But I don't really know him that well. And it's not like I have a crush on him or anything. This is so totally unexpected, I'm not sure what to think. Maybe I should just tell him no. (I realized he liked me about 1 week before he talked to me. But to be honest, I still thought I was making things up until the moment he called me and asked to talk).

I almost decided to tell him no, but then I started rethinking. I had been praying that God would lead in my life, not thinking that it would have anything to do with a guy. But who says that just because I wasn't in love with Barry at this point didn't meant that God wasn't leading? So I decided to see what God was up to and follow Him in faith, even though I wasn't sure. So I said yes.

In addition, even though I hadn't spent a lot of time with Barry and I didn't really know him that well, I did know that he was the kind of guy I could respect, admire, and grow to love -- deeply. And that's exactly what God did :) :)

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Caitlin said...

Grin :)

Ali said...

Haha, awesome! It's wonderful to watch God's plans unfold.

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