Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn in SoCal

Two weekends ago we decided to go to outdoor church with Advent Hope.  One of my friends had picked out the spot near a beautiful canyon creek/river.  As we drove into the mountains, it was so incredible to watch the landscape go from dusty brown to brilliant fall colors as we increased in elevation.  In some places, it almost felt like we were back East.  I tried to be good and didn't request that we stop every time a scene called out for a picture (especially during the drive... the little towns were SO beautiful!).  But here are a few from our hike that afternoon.

Ok, so it's still pretty brown.  But look at all that ORANGE! :)

My favorite:

That evening we were heading up to our regular church with a few friends and we were presented with a stunning stormcloud sunset.  The smog really enhances the colors :)


Anonymous said...

One day, I want to come to California and have an outdoor adventure with you guys!

Elwyn said...

Beautiful shots, the one with the sunset on the left. Sun shots can be hard, and your composition on the sun shining through the trees with the shadows of the trunks is especially strong in composition! I guess it will be 'autumn' there for a bit longer :-)

Katalin said...

ooo I think your favorite is mine too! :D

Christen said...

Wow! The last one is especially INCREDIBLE!! I'd love to see it at its actual size. :)

It was great catching up with you today!!! :D

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