Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lost Photographs of 2010 - Part 5 (People)

I may have posted some of these before but that's ok.  I like them enough to post them again! :)

What's so awesome about the picture above (besides the fact that it's Lizzy!) is that she had taken my sunglasses and given me her hat - a hat who she hated to have off her head!


Christen said...

Great pictures, again. :) I must say, that little girl is absolutely adorable!! :D

bekah said...

These are great! I especially LOVE the first picture with Lizzy!!! hahah she has your sunglasses and you have her hat.

bekah said...

And I must also comment on the last picture with Lizzy. You all are smiling so wonderfully, and I love how she has is in her usual Sabbath outfit and has her stick and her hand is blurry, showing the movement. That should go on the brochure!

Christy Joy said...

Ah, Bekah! I love how you noticed those little things that are such huge things for Lizzy and for those who know her. Those are the SAME reasons why I love these pictures too! Just goes to show that you have to really know Lizzy to truly understand how awesome she is! :)

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