Monday, February 21, 2011

Grammie's Farm

As many of you know, I just made a trip out to Tennessee.  I have some great pictures I want to put up but I realized that I have about 5 blog posts from before that I have yet to post.  So before I get to the TN pictures, here are some pictures from my time at my Grammie's farm over christmas. :)


Threads Everywhere said...

Great photos! You truly are an artist! You needed a shot of Grammie, though :-) God Bless!

Christen said...


What a beautiful dog! :D The setting makes for a wonderful picture.

Caitlin said...

Mmmm... I like! Very much!

beth said...

I love your artistic eye with the camera... I save some of your pics to my PC and add them to my screesaver folder (titled "pretty things"). The shots of SoCal are especially nice, they remind me of the time I spent there when Fred was getting proton tx for his prostate ca. Good memories of a time when we really leaned on God and grew closer to each other.

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