Saturday, August 06, 2011

Home: Katahdin

No matter that it is now August and we were back East in June, I am still playing catch up.  Hope you don't mind!

Barry and I, along with his two brothers and sister-in-law, backpacked 18 miles the first day and 6 miles on the second day in an expedition on Mt. Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine.  It was nothing if not epic, as all Howe expeditions are.

Shortly after this sunset shot, we saw two moose cross the stream, silhouetted against the sun.  It was beautiful!  Unfortunately, both my contacts and camera were out of reach.

Apparently the boys like to sleep in :)

A few minutes after chasing off a moose so that we could have the nice swimming pond to ourselves.  (Not really... He lumbered off on his own accord:)


Caitlin said...

Great pictures! I especially like the sunset one :) Thanks for sharing the fun!

Emily said...

Aye! What lovely pictures and smiles! (one person I noticed missing: Martina!)

Christy Joy said...

Yep, Marty was studying hard for her DAT, which she did great on! We missed her though. :(

Jackie said...

Christy! You stay so beautiful in nature. Even after hiking! I have yet to perfect that skill lol.

Christy Joy said...

lol, Jacks - I guess that is a matter of opinion because I think you look great after hiking! :) :)

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