Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"We don't take enough time to enjoy our senses.  
To savor tastes and sounds and textures and light.  
The roughness of corduroy pants, 
the shadows on the floor as the sun shifts, 
the pink in a child's cheeks as he laughs.
This beauty, this unnecessary detail, is a mystery." 
- Emily Wierenga

(From this website, sent to me by this dear friend.  Pictures by me.)


Caitlin said...

Christy :) The lighting you captured in these pictures makes the leaves seem like a delicate bronze sculpture. An eternal glimpse of beauty even though the leaves themselves are ending. Simply exquisite! Thank you for the reminder to savor life.

Elwyn said...

Great pictures, Christy! In particular the first one. The tones inviting; it was the kind of picture that does what a picture is supposed to: It made me want to keep looking at it ... closer. Beautiful! Our sun is down here now, have a great rest of your Sabbath!

Christy Joy said...

Thanks Elwyn. Good to hear your feedback :)

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