Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spring Break Snow

Spring Break this year was a rather muted affair but we managed to sandwich the midweek work (Christy) and study (Barry) with two fun, drastically different weekend trips.  The first weekend brought a GI bug to my tummy and a huge snow storm to the mountains.  Despite my stomach's protests, I was NOT going to miss out on winter.  So on Sunday we headed up for a snowshoe hike that turned into a slow plod (on my part) that turned into Barry pulling his ill wife on the sled.  But it was still beautiful, full of fresh air, cold snow, and blue skies.

Up next: Death Valley National Park!

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The View from Great Island said...

Loved the snow pictures Christy! Just so sorry you weren't feeling excellent : ( But it looks like you still had a splendid time.

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