Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Death Valley National Park - Sabbath Afternoon

This is nearby a stream where Joe showed us rock that was actively forming and only a couple hundred of years old.  He described it as, "some of the youngest rock you will ever find."  Pretty cool!

Salt flats - looks like snow!

The group - believe it or not, this was not posed.  I just told them to look at me from where they were already standing and that was that!

Driving through a dust storm!

Perfect vehicle for Death Valley -- not ours!

Golden light while driving up into the mountains to camp.  It was cold!

(Click on picture to enlarge panorama)


Jonathan Gerrans said...

Great pictures, Christy!

Ali said...

Awesome photo-journey through Death Valley!

I remember when our family was at Stonehenge a lady working there got after my siblings and me for climbing on some large boulders beside the parking lot because they were "very, very old, you know." We thought that was hilarious since we figured all rocks were about the same age (created either along with the world or during creation). Seems we were wrong if you guys found some rocks that are actively being formed. That's pretty cool!

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