Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas 2012

I'm trying to do a better job of posting my pictures closer to the time in which I actually took them.  I'm still working to get caught up on pictures from, ahem, 2 years ago.  But you see,  I have a hard time processing some of my most favorite images because I find them a bit intimidating.  So forgive me when I post age-old pictures, but this post is only one month old!  I was going to post pictures from this past weekend (shocking, I know!) but when I uploaded them, I found pictures from Christmas which I had completely forgotten about.  You can see more on my tumblr blog (you have to go back a few pages) but here are a few that I took with my real camera :)

Christmas was absolutely wonderful, but absolutely too short.  The more time we spend here in Loma Linda, with the stress and intensity that comes from full time medical school for Barry along with his many other commitments (Street Medicine, a Masters in Bio-ethics, grant writing, etc...) combined with my full time work as a nurse, plus part-time Masters work, it really starts to get old after a while.  We don't mind being busy, but when you're so busy that you can't stop to truly enjoy each other, when friends grow fainter because you are always studying, then you start to long for a slower pace.  We got to enjoy a blissful week of that slower pace over Christmas and it was just wonderful.  We're here for a reason and we don't regret that, but we are oh so thankful for family and true warmth that Christmas brings.

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Jonathan Gerrans said...

Great pics!
I know how that goes... we have hundreds or thousands of pictures from traveling this summer that we still haven't gotten through... and I have several thousand pictures from an airshow a year and a half ago that I haven't hardly touched... :P

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