Sunday, September 08, 2013

Mt. Hood, Part 1

After the Thorp/Westermeyer wedding, we went backpacking with the siblings of the bride and groom (Allana, Chris, and Stephen) and the father of the bride (Dr. Westermeyer).  We had a wonderful time, and kudo's to the Westermeyer's for being willing to go tromping off to the woods with us so soon after Allie's wedding.  Here are snapshots with mostly people as the main subjects.  The scenic pictures are coming in the next post.

 Barry packed this watermelon up to our campsite.  We then cooled it in a rock "bathtub" that Allie and Allana had made in their younger days.

 We all were greatly amused by Chris's hiking outfit.  


Ali said...

Haha, Chris's outfit is...well, pretty much just Chris! :) Love all the pictures!

Chris Thorp said...

Hey these are really nice pictures, I was hoping I would get to see some of them someday!

As for my outfit. I was explaining the other day to someone my theory on clothes picking - that is I believe it is our duty as christians to try and bring the most amount of joy possible into this world and my clothes hopefully help accomplish that.

However if you look closely they actually match! There is grey and white in the shorts and t'shirt. green in both the shorts, shirt, and jacket, more grey in the shoes, black on the hat along with tshirt and shorts is what really brings this all together!

And Ali you of all people should appreciate the fact there is not plaid + stripe combo going on! So please do not misunderestimate the amount of forethought that went into looking this good.

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