Tuesday, December 19, 2006

toilet paper vs. lotioned tissues

When one is sick, careful measures must be taken to make them feel cared for. I have already expounded upon (in a comment on Johonn's page) about the advantages of using straws to sip beverages while under the weather. Now, I would like to admonish upon you good people the superiority of lotioned tissues. Yes, toilet paper is much cheaper, and therefore might make you feel better just by thinking about how much money you are saving by ravaging your poor nose with it's rough and tough surfaces. However, I would much prefer to have the soft and downy feeling of a lotioned tissue. When a person is sick, they need something to make them feel loved and cared for, something that toilet paper doesn't seem to accomplish. So here's too going out and spending a few extra cents on a nice box of soft kleenex. You won't regret it next time you're down with the sniffles.

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Kristin said...

Amen to this post. I whole-heartedly support your lotioned tissue campaign.

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