Monday, August 20, 2007

Cascade, Porter, and Giant (Day Off Hike #3) [8 of 46]

View from Cascade

The last 2 day offers left on top of Cascade (no, andrew doesn't usually have a fro, and yes, it was windy)
Summit of Porter

Random keys and shoe at Giant Mtn trailhead
Chipmunk who decided that my log was the scrait place to be
In remembrance of The Wolf/Agent Bumper Tree
It took a while to get a picture of this little shrew that Andrew saw on the edge of the trail. He was only about an inch long.

Our little summit friend :)
We didn't feel like asking anyone to take a picture, so here's our self-portrait :


Alex said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christy said...

lol, sorry Alex, I deleted your comment. Choose another adjective please :)

Alex said...

well, I guess the chipmunks we have at the horse barn are better than yours anyway....they are better fed after all.

Christy said...

just as long as you were talking about the chipmunk. lol.

GypsumWolf said...

WoW! I never see shrews! I loke those things! (and every animal!)

Tina Stolberg said...

Hi. I saw the pic of the shrew. very rare sighting. Can you email the pic to publish on my blog? I just published a children's picture book called "Little Shrew Caboose." My blog is
My website is

Be sure to give me the name of the photographer for photo credit. And your full name for release of photo.

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