Monday, August 20, 2007

Algonquin, Iroquois, and Wright Peaks (Day Off Hike #1) [3 of 46]

Ready to go! (photo's courtesy of Andrew Whitlow and Kristin Thomas)

The back-seaters!

3 mile hike in.... in the dark :D

Pondering over Joel's EUREKA! tent

The view from Marcy Dam
Pausing for a picture on the trail (really just an excuse to rest for a minute!)

View from Algonquin
We came up with fun nick-names for all of us. I was first mate. I believe Kristin is going to post a more detailed account on her blog.
At the top of Algonquin, the 2nd highest peak in NY!

View from Iroquois (i think)
Atop of Iroquois

....alas, Andrew didn't bring his camera up Wright so we didn't get pictures.


Alex said...

nice pictures, next year I need to get on your day off, and your brother too.

Kristin said...

Um, excuse me! Alex I think you stole enough day-offers without stealing Christy from me too! First you went and stole Brian, but that wasn't good enough for you... no, then you took Andrew away! Oh, wait... I suppose Joel stole Andrew, not you. Anyway, you can't have her!

Alex said...

I wasn't talking about Christy specifically, I was talking about all the interesting people on your day off that go hiking and caving and the like.

Christy said...

lol, well, i'm not so sure if they're going to let us have like 6 people off on the same day... esp. two boat drivers.

but yes, we were a pretty cool day-offer crew :D

Anonymous said...

EXCUSE ME! That's right you stole Brian! Day off stealer...(he had more fun w/us anyways)

Christy said...

bekah, you need to get a blog so that you don't always show up as anonymous.

Alex said...

But it was nice having Brian on our day off so that I wasn't struggling trying to keep up with Joel by myself.

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