Friday, March 14, 2008

The reality which is most certainly NOT Paul

I got an interesting e-mail the other day. It was "Paul Howe". You know, the one that doesn't really exist? Yeah, that one. "He" told me that "He" was in the area and was having a get-together of some friends and that he wanted me to attend. Naturally, being the inquisitive investigator and staunch truth-seeker that I am, decided to go check it out.

I walked in the door to behold a scene that wasn't altogether shocking for me. It was just what I had expected. No Paul. He was nowhere in sight. Maybe he was in the kitchen...

Walking around the corner, I was greeted by a most convincing of impostors. Here was "Paul", dressed in a deceiving outfit of a striped red shirt and khaki pants. He took one look at me and grinned, offering me a big hug to prove his existence. Naturally, I played along. I wasn't going to let them know that I was on to their little scheme.

I knew exactly what was up! They had brought the same model that they had hired for all the pictures, to make an appearance at the gathering! He must have been not only a model, but an actor! Ha! They thought they could fool me! I'll teach them to try and pull the wool over Christy's eyes! Christy is not so easily disillusioned!

I took a picture for you, my reader's, perusal. Now, we mustn't be too critical of the attempts to convince us of the reality which is most certainly NOT Paul. The poor people need to be let down gently and professional help made available to them.

haha, just kidding! I have decided to "embrace the truth and say hello to Paul." It was great to meet you, Paul! The reality was even better then the "fictitious". Safe travels and God bless!


Caitlin said...

:) hehe!

I'm glad his existence has been verified.

Caitlin said...

:) hehe!

I'm glad his existence has been verified.

Johonn said...

me too, since otherwise, I would have some sort of identity crisis, or at least friendship identity crisis, having grown up with this fellow... :)

Anonymous said...

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Paul said...

yes, I am real. I'm glad to know it.

Chopsticks on Oboe said...

Hey Christy,
I just read this blog and I'm so glad that Paul is real! I don't know what I'd do with a fictitious brother in law! :)

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