Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're Back (Product of an early morning shift at the front desk)

Lyrics :
We're back, we're back, we're backety back
To good 'ol U-S-A
Where people speak the language we know
Oh! How Exciting

We're back in the good 'ol USA
From far off Holland and the Netherlands
I can't rap
You know that
Oh! How exciting!


Kelsey said...

LOL Christy! Thanks for the reason to laugh! I love your little ditty... was it originally supposed to be a rap? :D

Christy said...

well, let's just say that it evolved. :)

bekah said...

so i came home and kelsey was whistling it this afternoon...hahaha

Kelsey said...

I was?! Oh dear... :P

Kristin said...

What a silly girl :P I'm glad you're back too! Now we just need to find some time to hang out...

Johonn said...

"I can't rap
You know that"

that cracked me up :D

Little Christen said...

Christy, you never cease to surprise...and amaze me! :D Though I was quite simple written, the voice part was greater than I was expecting...How on earth did you do it?

Little Christen said...

Grammar correction: *Though it was quite simply written...

lol. I can't help myself.

Bye the way, I'm glad you're back too, and I can't wait to see all those pictures. :)

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