Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Thanks

This year, Thanksgiving break was enjoyed at our little cabin in Listonburg, PA, affectionately known as "Bear Pause". We were greeted with a healthy 8 inches of powder.

There is a nice hill behind the cabin that my mom used to sled on as a kid. Of course, the hill was an open field at that time. Now it's covered with small (and not-so-small) saplings. The newest obstacle was a large fallen tree lying directly across the path. Not to be deterred, we sledded anyway. It's called Slalom Sledding. Dad demonstrates:

Fun with my new camera:





shama said...

lol Nice work! That second video especially made me feel like what I imagine delirium tremens to be like--marked tremors, disorientation, etc...

Jonas said...

popper etude #6 was the perfect choice... looks like fun!

Jackie said...

hahahaha those videos were amusing!

Jen said...

christy! i didnt know you play cello while you sled?!?! i am inspired to practice even harder now! that is so cool that you even do 360*s on the snow disc while you play your cello! ;)

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