Thursday, January 08, 2009


I relish beauty. I value idiosyncrasy. I appreciate inventions. Here are some of my favorites from the London Design Festival and where they might look good.

I think one of these water tube coat hangers would be really cool in a country home entryway. And it would be SO easy to make!

SWEET vase! Would be awesome on a white inn-table next to a piano

Furniture designed after body organs/structures like this brain stool and spine lamp. I'm not sure what the chair is!

Chair made out of polyester fleece and resin (I think this looks kinda messy and probably wouldn't want it in my house unless it was in a kids room. However, it's pretty cool!):

This lit pitcher would look awesome hanging in a black corner!

These lamps are made out of recycled nylon stockings and PET bottles.

Wouldn't that left box look sweet on a desk!

This is classic in a modern way:

Fruit bowl made of two mirrored parts. (Would be better if in wood)

Self-explained genius:
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idrawbeterthanu said...

Those are cool stuff! I bet you are glad you finally have a comment. I only got one from my dad!
p.s. see my blog at

Little Christen said...

That's pretty cool. How'd you find all of that??

Little Christen said...

P.S. I think my favorite is the vase. :D

Kelsey said...

Christy, the chair is a skull. If you look closely you can see the orbits and the nasal conchae and the mandible.

What cool stuff!

Kelsey said...

or rather, the maxilla and the mandibular symphysis (not the mandible)

Christy said...

ooh kelsey! I would have never seen that! Good eye :)

barry said...

I like this post

Healthycells said...

I saw the chair as a vertebra--like from a whale or something big!

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