Thursday, January 15, 2009

A poem for Andrew Fisher on his birthday

Farmer Fisher
by Christy Kurtz
(Edited by Allana Westermeyer, with one line from Shama Eller and one word from Timothy George!)

Farmer fisher
Made such a picture
Perched atop that tree

Such a face
Did he make
Perched atop that tree

First he scowled
Then he howled
Perched atop that tree

“Brother Luke!
Please send a nuke!
To pitch me off this tree!

I have miles to hoe
And acres to mow
Row up row
Of wheat to sow

Horses to feed
Gardens to seed
A mother to heed
And books to read

There’s one other factor
Oh, it’s such a disaster!
When I get back, I’m gonna wack ‘er!
I’ve got to fix my tractor!

And then the hens
Have to be put in their pens
Or else they will win
And eat the twins!

So, can’t you see
I’m really in need
Perched atop this tree
Oh where, oh where, is Emily”

Elisa pondered
But there he floundered
Perched atop that tree

He ate and ate
No, he couldn’t wait
Perched atop that tree

Waiting to be set free
He called so loudly
Perched atop that tree

“My stomach’s tied in lemons!
Oh! Why did I eat all those persimmons!
Perched here atop this tree?

“I have more to say
You left me for Zimbabwe
Boy, you’re gonna pay
For letting our sisters have their way

It’s not my time!
I’m falling behind
Just give me a sign
How do I get out of this bind?

Oh please!
Set me at ease
Don’t be such a tease
I’m going to freeze!

I’ve got to get back to SAU
I haven’t found a woman to woo
One who will surely accept my suite
Oh, it would be such a hoot!

And the children we'd spawn
so beautiful and blonde..."
and then it dawned
he had the hatchet he'd pawned!

So he chopped
No, he didn't stop
From the very tippy top
To the very last lop

There he stood
Amongst all that wood
It would be so good
If only he could

Make a game to play
Let's call it croquet
That would wheel the time away
Until his next birthday!


Little Christen said...

ROFL! You're a natural, Christy! :D I wish I could write such eloquent poetry. Now, I was trying to figure out where you got this idea from, and from a few phrases in there, I figured it had to do with Joel? Care to share the story?

(Please note that I am commenting on your blog. ;) )

Caitlin said...

after having spent many evenings in the woodworking shop with this notorious character - I must say that this is an entirely fitting portrayal in a hilariously delightful manner!
Well done!

I'm curious to know which word was credited to tim?

bonzobuddybear said...

LOL. As Ellen White might comment, "with persistence worthy of a better cause..."

Christy, you wrote a magnificent poem! Even if it is only about a guy. :D

Come over and write about my children anytime. :D

Christy said...

Well, little christen, I'm not quite so sure I would call that "elegant" poetry! Actually, the poem has absolutely nothing to do with Joel. I was simply writing something for Andrew Fisher who recently had a birthday. Instead of presents, his sisters requested that we write him a poem. The poem is about how his sisters put him up in a tree when his brother was in Zimbabwe and he couldn't get down. It goes through his thought process through the whole ordeal :)

Jen, the word "good" in the next to last verse was all Tim's genius!

Mrs Parker, your children would provide endless fodder for poetic prose!

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