Monday, August 03, 2009

I/E N T P - Knowledge seeker

My score (each out of 20):
Introvert - 13
Extrovert - 13
Sensate - 8
Intuitive - 16
Thinker - 13
Feeler - 6
Judging - 7
Perceiver - 15

I like analyzing people, including myself. That's why tests like the Myers-Briggs test intrigue me. While I don't think it gives you the whole picture, it can definitely help you to understand different personalities better. Of course, many other factors must be taken into consideration: birth order and gender being two very important ones.

My family has long debated over what my letters were. My parents thought I was an introvert but my brother was sure I was an extrovert. Everyone knew I was intuitive but there was great controversy over whether I was a Thinker or a Feeler. We kind of just assumed I was a J because I can be very opinionated in my viewpoints.

You see, my parents are almost polar opposites. The only letter they have in common is the N. No wonder I'm so middle-ground!
Mom: strong E, N, strong F, strong J
Dad: strong I, N, strong T, P

As this past year progressed, we began to become more decisive about my personality type. I realized that much to everyone's shock, I am an introvert. Outgoing, yes. But I have to spend a lot of time alone in order to recharge. So then I thought I was an INT/FJ. But again, as more time passed, I began to realize that my T side usually won out over my F. Yes, I have strong emotions (I get that from my mom) but usually I am able to eventually suppress them in favor of the more rational decision or behavior.

So that would make me an INTJ. I still was kind of confused about the J vs P part though. It wasn't until Sunday, when a bunch of staff decided to take the Myers-Briggs test in a book that Bekah had on it that I finally understood. I joined in just for the fun of it (plus, I wanted to see if everyone's personalities were the same as I had previously analyzed. See, I'm a true N. lol. It was actually quite hilarious because each person represented their personalities so well as they took the test and reacted to the questions. It was so easy to tell what their letters were without them even adding up their scores!) And guess what I found out...

I'm a P!! I got so excited (that's my E side coming out)!! In fact, I'm a relatively strong P. As I was answering the questions, I realized that the perceiver fits me so much better than the judger. I am VERY flexible and love being spontaneous. I'd almost rather NOT have a plan so that I can do things spur of the moment. I'm perfectly fine leaving decisions undecided until the last moment (that's also partly because I'm a procrastinator). I'm not necessarily very organized (though I like to be[sometimes]) and can function well in chaos. Anywho, I was just very excited and decided to blog about it!

I was rather surprised that I scored so low on the Feeler part. I think I'm a stronger F than the score indicates. ... ...

Yay for analyzing!! And yay for my day off when I actually have time to blog!!!!
Oh dear! I got so excited writing this blog that I forgot to go check on the yummy apple pie/crumble/surprise/deliciousness that Kristin and I put in the oven a little bit ago. I'd better go do that!



barry said...

Wow, thanks to you I just wasted an hour reading about personality types :)

I'm an INTJ, definitly a pragmatist, strategist, and individualist. However, none of my letters were strong, except the N. I think the reason is that I consciously attempt to develop my counterpart letters so that I can select whichever trait suits my purpose in a given situation.

Danielle said...

Join the INTP club, which did at one time exist at Southern. (I'm an INTP too) We're a rare breed according to Bekah's personality book, the majority of INTPs are male.

Christy Joy said...

Barry - Definitely not a waste of time, I assure you :) Purposely trying to develop the opposite personality traits sounds like a very Barry thing to do. I remember that I was surprised how strong your F side was because you seemed to be, at first glance, such a strong T.

Danielle - Haha! That's so awesome that there was an INTP club at Southern. We should start it again!

barry said...

No, not a waste of time, just frighteningly addictive. By the way, I think it's really cool you tested out as I/E

Ali said...
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Ali said...

Personality types are so interesting! My N and S scores take turns being slightly dominate every time I take the Myers-Briggs. According to my latest score I'm an ISTJ. Danielle, are you sure your INTP club wasn't just a group of people doing the Myers-Briggs test from Bekah's book one afternoon?

Danielle said...

Alison, that was a different club. The INTP club was for INTPs only, I'm sorry.

Little Christen said...

I must admit that this blog made me extremely curious. So I found 3 tests online based on this myer-briggs test to figure out what I was. And I only took three because I was dissatisfied with my results. Oh well. They reveal that I am either an ISFJ (1) or and ISTJ (2). I was surprised, though. It turns out that I'm not as introverted as I thought I was--only 33% according to the first test. Anyway, these results may not surprise my friends who probably know me better than I do.

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