Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is me in my programming office at camp. It's located in a VERY small, VERY full corner of the directors cabin and office. I love my "office" because it is definitely not your typical office. Instead, it is chock full of fun stuff like a six pound bucket of yellow play doh, bins of party supplies, rodeo costumes, and paint; extension cords, blankets, plastic alligators, markers, mexican hats, road signs, wigs, old C-collars, and so many other exciting things. If I were a 7 year old, the things in this room would occupy me for a whole year! I think it's pretty cool that, at 20, it is my job to use this stuff! I'm in my office for one last time. I'm about to finish punching holes in my newest project: a leather book cover. Here's a preview:

This summer has been incredible. God has been incredible. My spiritual vision has become so much more sensitive to that fact in the past several months.

Tonight is my last night at camp. Tonight I led out in song service for the last time. Tonight, I sang our theme song "Bound for the Promised Land" for the last time. Tonight, I spent my last Saturday night with the campers watching the slideshow and reliving memories. My hair is wet from one last lark with the girls staff. Tonight I will sleep in my lean-to and let the loons sing me to sleep for the last time. That place has been a haven for me this summer. Tomorrow is the last time I will wake up to the fog rising off the lake and the water still as glass.

Tonight is my last night before I enter a world that is unknown to me. Vastly unknown. Thankfully, there is Someone who is right beside me. This is not my last night with Him. He is constant when all else is change. He will last.

Good night, Camp Cherokee. I will miss you.


Caitlin said...

Congratualtions on an incredible summer of programing Christy! God used you to make this summer a life changing experience for hundreds of people! Me included. Thank you dear friend :)

Alex said...

I see a lot of "last" statements and failed to notice the qualifying "untill next year" that should accompany them.

Christy Joy said...

Caitlin - :) It's hard to believe that I don't have anything else to plan for! lol, I keep reverting back to camp mode and thinking ahead to the next skit that I need to get ready for.

lol, Alex, you're one to talk! As you know VERY well, next summer is in God's hands, for both of us :)

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