Friday, August 20, 2010

Orphan Words

Jackie posted about this awesome project that Oxford is conducting to increase the usage and comprehension of English words that are quickly becoming extinct.

In their words, "Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language.  Old words, wise words, hard-working words.  Words that once led meaningful lives but now lie unused, unloved, and unwanted."

I have adopted two words:

1. Antipelargy - reciprocal kindness or love (especially the love children have for their parents)

2. Phylactology - the science of counter-espionage

By adopting a word, participants agree to try to use these words frequently in written and spoken conversation.  I think I'll be able to use the first one but the 2nd one???  How often do you need to discuss "the science of counter-espionage"?"

Would you like to adopt an orphan word?  You can go to to get started!


Elwyn Garaza said...

What a great idea.

Suzanne said...

This IS a great idea. I'm now the proud parent of starify, meaning to decorate with stars.

"As a young child, Samantha loved to starify her ceiling."

I thought it sounded fun and whimsical. : )

Ali said...

Simply awesome! Every communication and English department should know about this project. I'll have to take a look at that site and adopt a few words of my own.

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