Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peaches and Barry

Barry is doing clinical rotations right now so he's actually home quite a bit without a lot of homework or studying to do.  It's been really nice because we've been able to do a lot of things together such as canning and gardening.

It's peach season here and we've been enjoying it.  We found a place to get good deals on fresh fruit and produce so we got 2 boxes of peaches and a box of nectarines.  Two days ago we canned 11 quarts of peaches and this evening we're going to can some peach and nectarine sauce.  

Isn't he handsome?  My grammy and I especially like the crinkles around his eyes.  They go nicely with my Grampie's bow tie :)


Anonymous said...

Those peaches look so tasty, and the bow tie is awesome! I think guys should wear bow ties more often :)

healthycells said...

"You don't even have to take those peaches to the fair. They'd win a blue ribbon just from the picture!"
We love the peach in the white coat too. He takes the prize!!

Elwyn Garaza said...

Great bowtie knot, Barry! Sharp! I can't ever get mine that tight. Then again, I only tie one when I wear a tuxedo :-P

Ahhh, the Medical Student coats. Looks like you're good to go!

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