Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"Jesus loved the scenes of nature.  To Him each quiet retreat was a sacred temple."  -DOA, p. 290

"In training His disciples, Jesus chose to withdraw from the confusion of the city to the quiet of the fields and hills, as more in harmony with the lessons of self-abnegation He desired to teach them. And during His ministry He loved to gather the people about Him under the blue heavens, on some grassy hillside, or on the beach beside the lake. Here, surrounded by the works of His own creation, He could turn the thoughts of His hearers from the artificial to the natural."

(Picking acorns :D)

"In the growth and development of nature were revealed the principles of His kingdom. As men should lift up their eyes to the hills of God, and behold the wonderful works of His hands, they could learn precious lessons of divine truth. Christ’s teaching would be repeated to them in the things of nature." 

California's tiny bit of fall: the aspen groves :) :)

"So it is with all who go into the fields with Christ in their hearts. They will feel themselves surrounded with a holy influence. The things of nature take up the parables of our Lord, and repeat His counsels. By communion with God in nature, the mind is uplifted, and the heart finds rest." -DOA, p. 191



Kristin said...

I miss your smiling face Christy Joy. Those are some beautiful pictures. Love you :)

Jonas said...

I laughed (for a long time) at the picture of Barry picking acorns. He looks...


...from all cares and woes ; )

Fantastic pictures! I LOVE the picture of the valley with the mist, and the one of the birches as well!

Allana said...

These pictures are glorious Christy! Thank you for posting pictures of the aspen groves...I really wanted to see them. My favorite are the leaves on water.

Emily FIsher said...

Have you sprouted more freckles, Christy?

barry said...

It's always nice when you bring your camera, because then I get to notice all the details I would have completely missed.

I love you, cjh

Katalin said...

the mountain view is my favorite, I agree with Kristin, in missing your smiling face. ;-)

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