Saturday, October 09, 2010


"If it rains here, like once or twice a day
I would never play in the mud, 
I would never stomp in a puddle, 
I would probably sit in my room,
and watch through the window

'Cause I get detached if I know too much, and I get too complacent if I think too hard
You come out of the rain and your coat is sopping, your wringing out your socks, and your boots got muddy."
-It Rains Here, Scott Kabel


Christen said...

I always like your pictures, Christy. :) I think the first is my favorite this time.

Allana said...

These are lovely pictures. I love rain.

Johonn said...

Wow, those pictures are incredible! Great job! :)

Elissa said...

I love your pictures, Christy!
It's so neat how you can see the rain flying through the air, esp, in pic 3.
Miss you!

Shaila Meharry said...

Those are really neat pictures Christy! :)
I really liked the poem too.... so many parallels to life!
Hope all is well!

Caitlin said...

I can almost smell the rain your pictures :)

Emily Fisher said...

wowee!!! These are blogworthy!

Christy Joy said...

Thanks for your kind comments, everyone. I'm always surprised and delighted when my little camera is able to capture things that I didn't think it could :)

Jonas said...

You are supercool, Christy Howe.

Did you run in the rain? How is the 50k prep coming?

Christy Joy said...

Why thanks, John Howe.

Yes, we had several days of rain, albeit light rain. When I was running in it, it wasn't raining very hard but these pictures were taken when it was. Hmm... does that make sense?

The 50k prep is good. I still don't know how I'm going to run that far though. I did a 2 hr run yesterday and I was zapped at the end. I've just got to keep plugging away.

Speaking of which, congrats on your 2nd mystery mountain marathon! Heard you got 4th again - that's amazing! Wish I could have been on your support team again :)

Jonas said...

Well, keep it up! Run for fun! D'you think you (and maybe barry) would like to run the Pineland Farms with me next summer? Marty is considering tackling the 50k...

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