Monday, December 06, 2010

For Family (picture update)

Oatmeal bread

Apple Cranberry Pie 

Bow tie (we realized later that it was upside down!)

Just finished

With Uncle Ted :)


Jonas said...

hip hip, HURRAH!

food looks amazing, life looks better!

You're an ULTRA-awesome sister :-)

Christen said...

Awesome! How did you do? I can't remember exactly . . . was this a marathon?

Caitlin said...

I love your pictures - as always :) Congratulations on your run!!!
and that's an incredibly stunning pie!

Kristin said...

Christy Joy, you're incredible :) Really. Just all around amazing :)

Marty said...

I second Kristin's comment! By the way, how can you look so fresh and cheerful, even after 30 miles?

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