Thursday, March 31, 2011


Words fail sometimes.  And I felt like the words in my post Choosing Life were a bit of a failure.  Let me try again.  This time with someone else's words instead of my own.

by Leland Foster Wood

Let me see
Thy beauty, O God

Let me not dimly pass
By flaming bushes
And by sparkling streams,
By mountain crag and peak;

Mid bursting of the spring
Or mellow autumn tints
Or winter's white solemnity

Let me not gaze at sunsets uninspired
Or morning skies unmoved,
Nor look in human eyes
With sharp unseeing sight of selfishness.

Let me see thy beauty, O God
In nature, and in thought
In sympathy and kindly deed,
And all the upward striving of mankind.


Caitlin said...


Thank you.

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Kelsey said...

That was inspiring. Thanks :-)

healthycells said...

Simply beautiful, beatuifully simple!
Hugs, Mom

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