Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Febuary 6, 2009 - February 6, 2012

Three years ago, Barry had a little talk with me in Southern's library.  He said he liked me and wanted to spend more time with me.  It was a short talk, but it changed my life forever.  

A friend sent these pictures to me a few months ago, taken just a few short days before that talk.  It was a very memorable evening after a very memorable day in which my heart was telling me something important was happening but my head was insisting otherwise.  My friend sitting across the room very astutely and secretly snapped a few pictures on her phone.  I'm sure glad she did, because it captured a moment that is preserved in my memory for all time.

Love you, Barry.  Thanks for being my best friend for life :)

Addendum: After seeing this blog, Jonathan and Ali Gerrans just sent me this picture from another gathering that same week :)


Laurel said...

: )

Ali said...

Love this post! Haha, those pictures triggered something in my memory, and that prompted Jonathan and I to begin a picture-treasure hunt. :)

Johonn said...

Yup! I have pictures from the very next day (Feb 7) of us going to FWF and then Kelsey's house for smoothies and music! (http://johonn.blogspot.com/2009/02/falling-water-falls.html) Man, good times... :)

barry said...

I only regret that I didn't start dating you as soon as I came to college. Although I suppose God knew best:)

Kelsey said...

LOL. That conversation was epic. I seem to remember something about shampoo... ;-) Good times :-D

Lana said...

Man that was an epic evening! Actually wish I could remember more details than I do :) lol I just remember having to frequently dive under the blanket on the couch to hide my laughing.

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