Monday, February 13, 2012

The Eller's Blueberry Patch

Continuing on our extremely tardy recap of our trip to the Northwest this past summer (view part 1 and part 2), up next is the Eller home!  We returned from our epic glacier hike (recounted in part 2), found the nearest pizza place, consumed a lot of pizza, and then drove to the Ellers, about 2 hours away.

The next day we enjoyed the Eller's warm hospitality and spent some time in the blueberry patch, scouring for a few ripe blueberries.  While they might not be as tasty, I think the not-quite-ripe ones are just as pretty :)

Barry and I thoroughly enjoyed our drive through Western Montana.  It was just as beautiful as I remembered, and Barry decided he liked it quite a bit as well.

Drive by beauty :)


Ali said...

I always loved leaving eastern Montana behind and finally arriving in western Montana on our road trips home from Southern. Something amazing about leaving all that prairie and badlands in the dust and finally seeing the western green and mountains again. I have to admit that, while the Eastern USA is quite beautiful, but I have a western heart.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Oh to eat a ripe blueberry right off the bush right now...

Elissa Lombard said...

Christy, I love your pictures, and your eye for things, for beauty. I love blueberries, as well, and this post just made me happy. Thank-you.

shama said...

:D Next time you go to my home, wait until I get there!

Phoebe said...

I'm so glad you guys got to stop by! It was great fun! Oh man, I want some fresh blueberries right now, too! :)

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