Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Alison Falls and Lemon Lillies

The San Bernardino mountains have tons of incredible scenery that can't be accessed by trail.  Barry and I have enjoyed learning from the locals some of the best areas to explore.  One of these places is Alison Falls, accessed only by a steep cross-country trek.  The area is also home to the rare lemon lilly, found only in Southern California and parts of Arizona.  They smell heavenly!

 From above


Caitlin said...

:) First thought that came to mind: WOW!!!

Donovan said...

The lilies are gorgeous! Wish I could smell them.

Hope I get to come see you again sometime--especially at blackberry season!

Joel said...

Now that's almost enough to make me willing to come to California--Lemon Lilies! :P

Christy Joy said...

I thought you would like those, Joel! They don't exactly smell like lemons, but they DO smell amazing! Very fragrant!

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