Thursday, August 30, 2012

Switzerland Day Two : Murren

The first few pictures were taken on our train ride from Bern to Interlaken.  Then you see some pictures from our bus ride up into the Alps.  Then we took a cable car up to Murren, situated on the edge of some amazing rock cliffs facing some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen.  We arrived in the height of spring, good for flowers but less people!  It was SO GREEN!

The rest of the pictures are from our afternoon/evening walk around Murren.  It was somewhat overcast but still incredible!

Our first view of the Eiger, covered partly in clouds.  To get a better understanding of this mountain, watch this video.

 Taken for my two Dads (Kurtz and Howe)   :)

 Beautiful wood


Jonathan Gerrans said...

Great pictures! I really like that waterfall.

Caitlin said...

That woodpile is pure art!!!

Kelsey said...

Mmmm.... what vivid colors!

Christen said...

Looks like an absolutely wonderful place to visit! :D

gracefulfig said...

I want to live on that red bench! Aren't the Swiss mountains a little piece of heaven? Thanks for reminding us of our adventures there 20 years ago, when we visited Swiss L'Abri and were in Appenzell for the Viehschau in October. Aloha with hugs!

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