Monday, February 18, 2013

Forest Falls SDA Church

We just love our church.  The warmth, acceptance, prayers, love and genuine Christ-likeness that we find there is truly life changing.  We love to tell others about our little church with such a big heart.  We are evangelistic about it, even.  But when you just love going to church, it's hard not to share the good news.  That's how church should be.  That's how Christianity should be.  Thankfully, we experience that each week at Forest Falls.

Plus, you can't beat the location!


gracefulfig said...

If only we had known about the Forest Falls Church when we lived in Loma Linda from 1985-1998. We're still looking for the blessing you have - so happy for you!!

Spokane, Tim Jones said...

Awwww it looks wonderful. So it's like a small community over there? Can't make up from here because of the snow.

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