Monday, February 18, 2013

A Moody Winter's Day

A couple weekends ago, when the Northeast (and our respective families) were getting dumped on with snow, we got some of our own winter cheer.  Over a foot of new snow fell in Forest Falls, where we have gone to church ever since moving to California.  The day had many faces to it - from tranquil evening vistas like the picture below to bright, bluebird skies to foggy, almost eery scenes.
The day started out with the sun trying to burn through the clouds but just not quite succeeding.

My hiking partner

Church was held at a local church member's home because the power was out at our church.  Yeah, we're just awesome like that!
The sun has arrived!

Our church is located in the middle right next to the road.

The fog is moving in again!


Megan said...

Such pretty pictures, Christy! =)

Kelsey said...

Love the pictures, Christy! Especially the one of your hiking partner tagged "Jolly" and of your cosy house church with a music stand pulpit :-)

gracefulfig said...

Your fabulous snow photos almost make me want to move back to Southern California and join you for church in Forest Falls! Have a lovely Sabbath today!

Joel said...

I think Adam and Eve's clothes must have been sort of like snow. It makes the earth look so pure and innocent..

Elissa Lombard said...

This looks pretty much as lovely as a day could be, Christy! I can't help wish ing I could have shared it with you! Hugs!

healthycells said...

Oh Joel, Just thinking about Eve's snowy dress makes me chilly!

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