Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No one I'd rather be miserable with

We're two sick bunnies right now.  Sniffling, coughing, aching, feverish.  Repeat.  We take turns mustering energy to do a few dishes, make a meal, and take care of the other one.  We do miss our Mom's right about now.

We say things like, "Why don't you take a bath",  "Might it be a good idea to call off tomorrow?", "Here's some echinacea tea", and "How about we listen to James Herriot?"  When school must be done (such as my 28 page research paper that I turned in today), the other sits (or sleeps) sympathetically nearby for frequent encouragement.

In all honesty, this sickness has its positive points.  It has been over a month since we've gotten to spend this much time together.  Internal medicine rotation seems to have that affect on many couples.  It's so nice to be together, even if we are sleeping half the time.

And, as Barry so aptly put it as we lay limp underneath the covers around noon today, 
"There's no one I'd rather be miserable with than you"


Kelsey said...

Awh! Poor Christy and Barry! Get well soon! Hope to see you this weekend :-)

shama said...

:( Get well soon!

gracefulfig said...

You two look so cute when you're miserable - the corrective lenses especially add an air of seriousnes to your sufferings. Hope the bug goes away fast and you are able to get back to your healthy and happy selves again - prayers and hugs with aloha, Ann

Elissa Lombard said...

Aww - when we spoke I bet you didn't think that would be the way you'd have quality time. I'm glad you have each other. :) All better now?

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