Sunday, November 26, 2006

stark honesty

A friend and I were discussing the other night what would happen if we were to know EXACTLY what other people thought and what their true motives and feelings were. Instead of trying to cover things up, we could just tell people the truth, pure and unadulterated. I'm not talking about telling those that you may not have the highest regard for what your true opinion is, but just not trying to hide your true feelings. I'm not sure how much sense I am making, but it all is perfectly clear in my own head, not that that helps you any.

What if a book was published, with some one's pure, unedited thoughts. Would it be a best seller? Or would such brutal honesty be too much for people to take?

When I posed this thought to my brother, he was horrified. He decided that it would be like reading one of those cheap dime novels that are filled to the very last page with sin. He said that even when we strive to follow Christ and be like Him, our minds are still filled with such filth.
I slightly disagreed. Yes, our thoughts are sinful and unholy, but I'm not sure if it would be just like one of those trashy novels, because it's not like it would have a ficticous plotline. Would such honesty be refreshing?

What are your thoughts? I would like to hear what you, who I hold in highest regard, have to say on the matter.


Petraglyph said...

Hey Christy!

I managed to manouver my way to your blog. It's so cool to reconnect with you! My thought on your thought about thoughts is this: I'm sure glad that God is the only one who knows all of my thoughts. Even if only selections from what goes on my mind were published abroad, I would have plenty of cause for wanting to die of embarrasment. I doubt that anyone else would want to volunteer themselves for a "starkly honest" book either. Most importantly, I'm not sure I'd WANT to know what other people think about all the time. Have you ever read C.S. Lewis' book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? In a particular chapter of the tale, Lucy discovers what her friends really think about her. She's horrified. Ever after that moment she's unable to truly be friends with her old pals. I think I'd prefer to live in ignorant bliss and not know my friends' thoughts, wouldn't you? Then again, you've just asked me to share mine, and I have! Hah!

Christy said...

Petra! yes, I have read the book, and I agree with your thought on my thought about thoughts. ;)

Paul said...

If Petra can smell her way on to your blog, I can too:-)
I'm glad Petra can't read my mind, and I'm sure she's glad she can't!
We are tempted to do tons of horrible things that we'd never do. if everyone knew our temptations, it would be a very painful world (just ask Lucy...)
on the other hand, if EVERYONE could read each others minds, we might well have a more honest world. we'd also be much more careful with our thoughts. maybe that would be ok...

Kristin said...

Part of me really wishes that I could know everything that people are truly thinking because curiosity often gets the best of me. However, I don't think that things would turn out terribly well if we could see everybody's honest thoughts all the time. Because we are sinful and minds can be terribly difficult things to train.
But... I like what Paul ended with, and it's a thought that briefly crossed my mind when I first read your blog. If we knew that everyone could see our every thought, wouldn't it motivate us to train our minds to think differently? Would it inspire us to aspire to greater, purer, kinder thoughts?
But it's sad to think that it would take that kind of vulnerability with our peers to inspire us to be more careful with our thoughts. Shouldn't we be motivated to have our minds dwell on purer, more noble thoughts because the God of the universe and lover of our souls can see each and every thought that flickers through our brains?

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Kristin. Our thoughts really are being broadcast, uncut and unedited, and not just to our friends and acquaintances, but to the sinless One... And that makes me cringe just thinking about it. To say I've grieved my Creator more times than than I can count is the understatement of the era!

God, to think that you know my innermost thoughts and you haven't abandoned me as utter rubbish is incomprehensible. Help me to model my life after your perfect pattern. Please polish my heart until I reflect your light with brilliant clarity.

Christy said...

hmmm, thank you for your thoughtful insights. I do believe you all are right. But i still wonder if a book that was pure honesty would sell if it were published

Caitlin said...

Such a book would probably sell... because it seems that humans like surprising, rash, and alarming discoveries. And if anyone were to publish such a collection, I think that most inside thoughts would fit under the heading of surprising, rash, and alarming - and therefore it would sell.
I think that this also provides excellent proof for the great controversy... the fact the battle is in our minds. I heard someone say once that "The line between good and evil runs through the human heart." (no geographical borders)
Another point; as we grow closer to other people, we begin to open up to them more. So the closer a relationship, the less we edit our thoughts. This is comforting, because our real friends love us - even when we don't make sense! They see beyond our imperfections, and inspire us to have purer, and more enlightened patterns of thinking.
And really, God is that kind of a friend! He wants to inspire us with His high ideals, and "by beholding" our minds will become changed. This is a wonderful promise!

Caitlin said...
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barry said...

Here's another point to consider: What are "starkly honest thoughts" anyway? I have great difficulty understanding my own thoughts even in their complete, unedited form. Let's suppose that you somehow manage to obtain complete access to all of my thoughts. Will you be able to honestly evaluate them? Won't you have hidden prejudices, preconceptions, and cultural barriers that you aren't even aware of?
But we mustn't take this too far. Otherwise, the value of communication itself will become suspect. Or would it? What if communication--true communication as God designed it--was actaully the best way to access another person's most personal thoughts and feelings? Going even further, what if commmunication itself was the only true form of personal thought?
However, we must also consider all those thoughts that joel and paul mentioned. I suggest that the Devil's counterfit for God's interpersonal individuality is a self-centered concentration on one's own pleasure and power. If I claim I am completely independent from the need to communicate with God and fellow-man, I start having sinful, self-destructive thoughts.

Hey thanks for such and interesting topic! I think I may put my idea on my blog, (I hadn't thought of it until I was practicaly halfway through).

Hm!!!! Maybe my originality was sparked by communication. I think this just may be the first piece of evidence to support my theory.

CJK said...

It is interesting how you can make your own ideas more concrete just my commenting on someone else's ideas.I will look forward to reading more about your new theory.

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