Monday, February 04, 2008

5 things

1.) Scrubs are the most comfortable things on earth. I'm not talking about the starchy ones that you spend t00-much-money for at the uniform store or the crisp white school of nursing jackets that you see frequently around campus. No, I'm talking about the ones you actually put on to go into surgeries. The ones that precede the blue booties, hair net, and face mask. The ones with a cool drawstring and the v-neck top. Yep, those. I wanted to steal the pair I wore tonight. Don't worry, I didn't... :D

2.) I miss the Pita Wraps that Wendy's used to sell way back in the days of my youth. A more finely wrapped scrumptious meal you will never find. Packed to the bursting with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, feta cheese, greek dressing, etc, it never failed to fill my stomach after a long hard cello lesson with Sister Karen. (side note: hey! Maybe she's the one who got me started on the whole Nun thing!) It was a sad day when we drove up to the Wendy's in Spokane, WA and found, after excitedly ordering our Greek Wraps, that they had been discontinued. Obviously, their culinary tastes were not as refined as ours.

(those of you who are vegan or lactose intolerant, read on with caution. I don't claim to be vegan and am not ashamed of this next paragraph)

3.) I am an expert at Taco Bell's Cheese Quesadilla. It's my all time favorite thing to order. Why? Well, you see, a Cheese Quesadilla is composed of three things. 1. The Tortilla 2. Cheese 3. A most amazing three cheese sauce that's mixed with just the right amount of heart-attack-causing fat and spices to make a delicious blend of creamy goodness. However, there are two things that can go wrong with a Cheese Quesadilla. Actually, make that three things. First, they can mistake your order for a Chicken Quesadilla in which case you will kindly have to engage them in a discourse on the merits of vegetarianism. Second, (and this one occurs especially when going through the drive-through) sometimes when they are in a hurry, they won't leave it in the broiler/cooker-thing long enough and the cheese won't melt entirely. So then it's a three-cheese cole-slaw instead of a three-cheese gooey mess of delight! And third, (and this is the worse) sometimes they won't put on enough of the spicy cheese sauce and it won't be moist or spicy enough. Conclusion: Cheese Quesadillas are amazing!!!!

4.) When I say "dear", it's actually just short for "oh dear". ...not to be confused with a common term of endearment. (except when talking to people such as kristin thomas, caitlin meharry, and marissa martin. I reserve the endearment form of "dear" for them. :D ) Just thought I'd clarify because I think I might have confused some people in the past couple weeks.

5.) I have revised my former opinion of umbrellas. I used to detest them. Now, I don't mind them AS much. I still think they're kinda silly, albeit useful. However, I still would take a bright-colored raincoat over an umbrella any day of the week. The problem is... ...I don't own a raincoat OR an umbrella. Usually I just get soaked, which isn't such a bad thing. It's quite fun!


Little Christen said...

LOL! Christy, you're hilarious. And I agree with you about those pita pocket wraps from Wendy's. I too was dismayed by their discontinuance.

Christy said...

yaaaayyyy!!!! somebody else liked those! that makes me so happy!!!!! yayyyy!!!!

Caitlin said...

Yesterday morning was more like trying to run through a swimming pool then a rain shower ;)
You are welcome to borrow my umbrella anytime, dearest of Christy Joys

Lorrie said...

Oh My goodness I used to Love those greet pita wraps too! I remember them with excessive fondness. They were so good! Why in the world did they discontinue them when they must have had a universal fan club?? :)

bekah said...

umm yeah i was deprived of the pita you think i would like them anyway? and yes, umbrella's are evil! it's far more romantic to be drenched in the rain ;)

Christy said...

yes, you would have loved them! you would have thought they were the most delicious things in the world.

silly umbrella's :D :D

Anonymous said...

Wendy's Pita Wraps - the best ever! One way to make sure I ate the veggies I needed and craved. I can taste one now!

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